The Easy Up comes in three versions. Every version has the same high quality tent fabric. Each type comes with a free wheeled storage bag and guy lines with pegs. The difference is in the frame materials:


GO-UP enamelled steel with narrow foot

GO-UP is the entry level model for infrequent use. The GO-UP has a sturdy hexagonal upright of powder-coated steel measuring 40 x 40 mm (1.2 mm wall thickness). The connections are made from robust hammer nylon, so not plastic polypropylene.


GO-UP40 aluminum with narrow foot

GO-UP40 is for average use. The GO-UP40 has a very strong hexagonal aluminium upright (2 mm wall thickness) measuring 40 x 40 mm.


GO-UP50 aluminum with a wide foot

GO-UP50 is for intensive use. The GO-UP50 has a very strong hexagonal aluminium upright (2 mm wall thickness) measuring 50 x 50 mm and aluminium connections.


Easy up

a closed panel

a panel with a window

a panel with an entrance

Three types of side panels are available for the Easy Up: a closed panel, a panel with a window and a panel with an entrance.

Design your own tent


The tent fabric can be entirely custom printed, in any design. The print is pressed into the fabric at 200 degrees using a dye sublimation printer, guaranteeing a very high quality print. The tent is delivered precision fit to the frame within just three weeks.

Performance Indicators

Can be pitched in just ...
A tarpaulin thickness of ...
Wind resistant up to and including gale force (providing the tent is properly secured)...
Can be unfolded without problems...
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  • This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty (with the exception of rooftarpaulin due to use / weather conditions ).

Technische specificaties

Available sizes

  • 300 x 300
  • 300 x 450
  • 300 x 600
  • 400 x 400


  • GO-UP: hexagonal upright of power-coated steel of 40 x 40 mm (50 x 50 mm from corner to corner, 1.2 mm wall thickness, hammer nylon connections)
  • GO-UP40: hexagonal, aluminium upright of 40 x 40 mm (50 x 50 mm from corner to corner, 2 mm wall thickness)
  • GO-UP50: hexagonal, aluminium upright of 50 x 50 mm (60 x 60 mm from corner to corner, 2 mm wall thickness)
  • All above-mentioned frames have 4 adjustable height settings up to 217 cm

Roof tarpaulin

  • Strong 600D polyester - fully Seam Sealed with a PVC coating - 100% waterproof
  • PVC - All Season Ripstop - very thin, more flexible, extremely strong - 100% waterproof

Included free of charge

  • Handy wheeled storage bag with storage compartments
  • Guy lines and pegs


  • Printed roof and side panels
  • Side panels (with or without window and zip) which fully enclose the pop up tent
  • Weight plates
  • Rain gutters
  • Infill panels to connect side panels of several tents
  • Half panels
  • Connectors

The Easy Up is suitable for

  • Markets
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Sports events
  • Exhibitions
  • Garden parties
  • Camping
The Easy Up tents

12 year warranty on parts supply

Grizzly Outdoor guarantees that you can still buy parts for your party tent 12 years after purchase. So no problem if you have unexpected damage or lose a part. Your Grizzly Outdoor offers you a tent for life.
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    For your Easy Up tents various accessories are available
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