Sidepanel with arch window

Sidepanel closed

Sidepanel transparent

Sidepanel limited

Choose from the above mentioned sidepanels with no extra cost. The sidepanel with entrance is always supplied as standard.

easy to


Thanks to the aluminium frame keder profile, the Pagoda is very easy to connect with sidepanel and raingutter.

Performance Indicators

Wind Load till...
Warranty on parts supply for...
Strong stable roof connection...
times stronger then cable connection
With Comparable Pagode the Grizzly is...
% cheaper
Opaque no light...

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Factory warranty

  • This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the roof and frame (with the exception of professional use).

Technical specifications

Available sizes

  • 300 x 300 x 380 cm (lxwxh) Entrance height 250 cm
  • 400 x 400 x 450 cm (lxwxh) Entrance height 250 cm
  • 500 x 500 x 540 cm (lxwxh) Entrance height 250 cm
  • 600 x 600 x 570 cm (lxwxh) Entrance height 250 cm


  • Frame aluminium profile 65x65x3 mm 6061 / T6 Alu
  • Connecting elements made of galvanised steel
  • Strong base plates made of galvanised steel
  • Quick en easy assembly
  • Including base frame

Roof tarpaulin

  • Opaque 850 gr/m2
  • Mold and rot resistant
  • European UV and Flame retarding
  • Roof attached with double keder system

Side walls

  • Opaque 850 gr/m²
  • Mold and rot resistant
  • European UV and Flame retarding
  • Easy Kede system attachment


  • Attachment with Keder


  • Fire retardant certified according to all European standards
  • Fast attachment without tools
  • Tents are easy to connect
  • Construction calculation in accordance with NEN-EN 13782 with wind load 80 km/h

This tent is suitable for

  • Festivals
  • Rental
  • Anniversary parties
  • Temporary storage
  • Fairs
  • Sports events
  • Garden parties

12 year warranty on parts supply

Grizzly Outdoor guarantees that you can still buy parts for your party tent 12 years after purchase. So no problem if you have unexpected damage or lose a part. Your Grizzly Outdoor offers you a tent for life.